About Leducate

Leducate is an educational charity that aims to promote an understanding of everyday legal rights among secondary school-aged students in England.

Our curriculum aims to aims to inform students of what their legal rights are (and where they come from), empower them with the necessary tools to enforce them and ultimately help them make smarter life choices as a result.

Leducate was founded by six people who all have a background in and a passion for the Law, while also having a diverse set of skills and training across a range of sectors.

We recognise that our country is more regulated than it ever has been before, bestowing an unprecedented level of legal protections but also placing a great deal of responsibility on the shoulders of the average citizen. We at Leducate firmly believe that a comprehensive education in understanding how the law works is vital in order for young people to have the best chance of benefitting from these protections and being most fairly expected to discharge their legal responsibilities.

We firmly believe that teachers know their own students best, so Leducate will provide legally accurate and free curriculum resources alongside tailored training packages to enable them to deliver a high quality legal education to their own students in their own classrooms.

Our curriculum aims to make the law more accessible than it has ever been, focussing on everyday scenarios, that most accurately reflect the situations young people will find themselves in - using the most interactive and engaging methods available.

We believe it is vital that young people leave school with the informed understanding of how to navigate the legalised world including: what a tenancy agreement is, what their rights under an employment contract are, what their tax paying responsibilities are, what their rights are when interacting with the police and what it means to have have consumer and human rights. We believe that education is the only way they can feel empowered to hold local government decision-makers to account, enforce their rights against big corporations and landlords and understand their civic rights and responsibilities enough to effectively participate in society.

We passionately believe that if young people know what their legal rights are, and where they come from, they will be better armed with the confidence to enforce them and will make smarter life choices as a result.