About Leducate

Leducate is a small start-up charity with a passion for law and education. We have developed our very own curriculum that aims to empower and inform secondary school students in England and Wales about the law as it affects them in their everyday lives.

Leducate was founded by six people who all have a background in and a passion for the Law, while also having a diverse set of skills and training across a range of sectors.

We recognise that the Law is everywhere as we go about our daily lives, both in our personal relationships and our careers.  At Leducate we firmly believe that an understanding of the Law as it affects your life is a vital part of any young adult’s education. That is why we created a curriculum focussing on the ‘Law You Live’.

The ‘Law You Live’ curriculum aims to inform students of what their rights are (and where they come from) and empower them with the tools to go out and enforce them if they need to in their future lives and ultimately make smarter life choices as a result.

Our mission is to facilitate the spread of legal education nationwide in schools all across England and Wales. We firmly believe that teachers know their own students best, so Leducate will provide legally accurate and free curriculum resources (as well as bespoke training) to enable them to deliver the ‘Law you Live’ to their own students in their own classrooms. Our curriculum will aim to make the law more accessible than its ever been, focussing on educating students on what they really want to know about the laws that most affect them using the most interactive and engaging methods available.

We are confident that by informing students of their basic legal rights, they will understand that the Law exists for the benefit of all of us and therefore be informed and empowered enough to confidently make more informed and considered life choices.