We need your help!

Leducate is on a mission to expand our curriculum to as many schools in England and Wales as possible, and we can’t do it without you! Please see below for the types of work that your donations will help make possible.

We are currently fundraising for Leducate though Beth, who is running a marathon in October. See details here!

Court Visits

A key part of our curriculum is to facilitate young people engaging with the institutions that form the bedrock of our legal system. We believe that seeing the law in action is a valuable part of understanding how it works.

Leducate has teamed up with courts and judges to provide students with guided informational tours around working courts and a Q&A session with a sitting judge to answer any of their questions.

Curriculum Development

We are always looking to develop our curriculum to keep it as dynamic, engaging and informative as possible. We are also in the process of expanding to as many schools in England & Wales as we can so that as many young people as possible can have the benefit of our curriculum.

We are currently working to the following long-term objectives:

  • Sourcing an office space;

  • Aiming to commence formal trials our curriculum in schools at the beginning of next academic school year beginning September 2019.

Leducate’s Special Projects

Leducate aims to be the complete package for legal education in schools in England & Wales. To that end we are in the process of forging some really exciting partnerships that will make the curriculum as entertaining and engaging for the students as possible. Watch this space for more details on the ‘Special Events’ we’ll be hosting in the future!