Seen and Heard / by LEDUCATE

Those of you who receive a copy of the Law Society Gazette may have noticed an article featuring Leducate’s Director Adam. It is only in the printed version, but please see below for a quote from the article.

This week is Pro Bono Week and as a newly formed legal education charity run by volunteers, we know how vital the generosity behind offering to work Pro-Bono is in driving innovative solutions to society’s most complex problems. 

Education is a crucial lever of social mobility and in an increasingly legalised world it is ever more important that schools, which make students literate and numerate in conventional subjects, have the provision to make them legally literate too. 

Empowering young people with knowledge of their legal rights and responsibilities in everyday situations can change their future. It can divert some away from a path of debt, prison or social-services dependency and give them the tools to be informed, responsible and empowered members of society. 

That’s why Leducate is opening up access to information about the legal system for those who don’t have access to it elsewhere. By demystifying institutions like the police and the judiciary, we can promote positive engagement with the law and the protections it offers. 

If young people know what their legal rights are, and where they come from, they will be better armed with the confidence to enforce them and make smarter life choices as a result.

Adam Kayani

We believe Pro Bono work is vitally important. The cost of most legal services are high, and beyond the reach of many people. A week recognising all the hard work of so many excellent legal professionals, and encouraging even more to help, is vitally important and benefits the community and society.

We are so excited to be featured in the Law Society Gazette among so many important and influential people and organisations.

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By Kieran Pereira