Running for Leducate / by LEDUCATE

As a charity, Leducate is always pleased to support volunteers keen to raise money to support our goal to teach children in schools about the laws around them in everyday life. So, on 20th October, Leducate is proud to share that we will be represented by runner Beth Evington, who will be donning an orange t-shirt at the Amsterdam Marathon. We asked Beth to put together a few words on her preparation for the big day.

I have been a keen runner for many years; for me, it’s a way to relieve stress, keep fit and spend time in nature. I’ve previously organised 10k races and run half-marathons, and decided that the next step would be a full marathon. 

Having been friends with Adam for many years, I was really pleased to go along to Leducate’s launch event in support of him and the team. I was so impressed by the words of Lord Neuberger, who spoke about the widening gap between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’, and couldn’t help but feel that helping young people to know their legal rights is more important than ever. 

I’m running for Leducate because I respect the team’s commitment to empowering young people to understand the legal system and want to help advance their work to implement a legal curriculum in schools so that as many people as possible have access to legal education. 

I have seen first hand how having an understanding of UK law has helped my friends in difficult situations, including tenancy disputes, interactions with police, and exercising consumer rights, to name a few examples. Unfortunately, many people do not fully understand how the law protects them and are not able to make use of this.

Running a marathon is a real commitment, and it’s not been easy, especially mustering the motivation to run in the heat of summer, when everyone else is in a beer garden! Amsterdam is a great (and very flat) city, and I’ve been training with my auntie who will run along with me, and my sister who is joining us for the half. 

Running in aid of a charity makes things all the more nerve-wracking, but I am so pleased to be running for Leducate; I know I’m raising money for a good cause that empowers young people. Wish me luck! 

We all wish Beth luck in her race. If you’d like to donate to Leducate in support of Beth’s run, please see the link here.